Submitted Publications

  • S. Sahu & M. Zwolak, Maxwell-Hall access resistance in graphene nanopores, arXiv:1708.03327 »
  • J. P. Zwolak, M. Zwolak & E. Brewe, Educational commitment and social networking: The power of informal networks, arXiv:1708.01263 »
  • C.-C. Chien, K. A. Velizhanin, Y. Dubi, B. R. Ilic & M. Zwolak, Topological quantization of energy transport in micro- and nano-mechanical lattices, arXiv:1707.06669 »
  • D. Gruss, A. Smolyanitsky & M. Zwolak, Relaxation-limited electronic currents in extended reservoir simulations, arXiv:1707.06650 »
  • P. A. Lin, B. Natarajan, M. Zwolak & R. Sharma, Metastable morphological states of catalytic nanoparticles, arXiv:1707.04258 »
  • J. E. Elenewski, D. Gruss & M. Zwolak, Master Equations for Electron Transport: The Limits of the Markovian Limit, arXiv:1705.00566 »
  • D. Gruss, C.-C. Chien, M. Di Ventra & M. Zwolak, An energy-resolved atomic scanning probe, arXiv:1610.01903 »