Research group


Swapnil Baral Swapnil Baral, Ph.D. in Physics (University of Delaware, 2020)
E-mail: swapnilbaral {@} gmail {.} com

Swapnil is developing novel methods for biomolecular classification and employing them to construct new biopolymer models.


Justin Elenewski Justin Elenewski, Ph.D. in Chemistry (Virginia Commonwealth University, 2011)
E-mail: justin.elenewski {@} gmail {.} com

Justin’s research focused on nonlinear processes in complex media and quantum/classical transport phenomena.
Maicol Ochoa Daza Maicol Ochoa Daza, Ph.D. Chemistry and Chemical Biology (Cornell University, 2012)
E-mail: maicol.ochoadaza {@} nist {.} gov

Maicol’s research interests include quantum and mesoscale electron transport, nanoscale thermodynamics, nanoplasmonics and single molecule spectroscopies.
Christoph Rohmann Christoph Rohmann, Ph.D. in Chemistry (University of Auckland, 2012)
E-mail: c.rohmann {@} uq {.} edu {.} au
CV as of May 2017

Christoph’s research is on nanomaterials and their interaction with metals in catalysis and materials design, towards the goal to enabling large scale production (e.g., CVD growth) and developing new composite materials for, e.g., air and space craft.
Subin Sahu Subin Sahu, Ph.D. in Physics (Oregon State University, 2017)
E-mail: subinsahu {@} gmail {.} com
CV as of May 2017Ph.D. thesis: Nonlinear behavior of thermal and ion transport at the nanoscale

Subin’s research focused on ion-transport through nanopores, the nonlinear dynamics of DNA and biomolecules, and thermal transport through nanoscale systems.
Daniel Gruss Daniel Gruss, Ph.D. Student (Oregon State University)
E-mail: dsgruss {@} gmail {.} comPh.D. thesis: Quantum and Classical Simulation of Electronic Transport at the Nanoscale (2016)

Daniel’s research involved real-time electronic and particle dynamics in nanoscale & atomic systems, open quantum systems, and correlations in quantum-classical systems out of equilibrium, with a focus on scaleable and broadly applicable computational methods.
Joshua Kincaid Joshua Kincaid, Ph.D. Student (Oregon State University)
E-mail: kincajos {@} onid {.} oregonstate {.} edu
Ph.D. thesis: Local Accessibility of Objective, Classical Reality (2017)

Joshua’s academic interests include quantum information and foundations, mathematical physics, cosmology, and quantum gravity.
Andy Svesko Andy Svesko, M.S. Student (Oregon State University)
E-mail: sveskoa {@} gmail {.} com
CV as of May 2017M.S. thesis: Redundant Information in a Spin System Beyond Pure Decoherence (2014)

Andy’s research interests include the connection between information, thermodynamics, and spacetime; modified gravity and cosmology; and the quantum-to-classical transition.